Workshops and Commissions



Naomi  and Paul are available to lead Songwriting Workshops across all levels  and age ranges. We have worked in many environments including University  lecture theatres, living rooms and church halls and with groups of up  to 20 participants. In each case we facilitate expression through basic  song writing techniques and group debate.  

We specialise in the following areas 

Narrative Songwriting - Storytelling in Song 

Unblocking Creativity - Group and Individual Exercises to achieve expression 

Campaign Songs - Targeted Songwriting for specific purposes 

‘I can’t recommend the work of Naomi Bedford and Paul Simmonds highly enough.   

I have found them to be true collaborators on the Sea Folk Sing scheme and fantastic facilitators of the folk song workshops.’  

Tania Holland, Artistic Director Sea Folk Sing



Naomi  and Paul are also available for Song Commissions. This ranges from  bespoke versions of favourite songs to original compositions. We have  covered a full range of artists from Alison Moyet through The Beautiful  South to Brandi Carlisle. Here’s a link to a commission we did earlier  this year. 

We  are also taking commissions for original songs; these could be  biography songs or celebrations of an occasion or a life. It could be a  surprise gift. Think of it in the same way as commissioning a portrait  or a landscape. We would work with you via interview and questionnaire  to achieve something special. 

House Concerts 

We are also available for House concerts 

All enquiries please email